Freelance web developer Oleg Knyazev

A freelancer who makes problems go away

Hey, my name is Oleg, and for more than a decade I've been helping other people solve their problems by designing, building, and launching their creative and business projects online, so they could achieve their goals and change their lives for the better.

Technically, I'm a full-stack web developer working as an independent contractor and specializing on the modern web technology stack of Laravel, Vue.js, Tailwind CSS, and Inertia.js.

How does it serve my clients?

All this technical mumbo-jumbo provides my clients with the fast, user-friendly, and secure internet-based solutions for their specific needs and goals. You don't have to manage a team or a group of separate subcontractors, since I can build and launch a nice mobile-friendly website, an online store with its own CRM system, or an exclusive single-page application (SPA) for any purpose.

An experienced and responsible professional

We all know the stereotypes of freelancers going rogue on a client, or those lacking discipline and missing deadlines for weeks or event months. I take these stereotypes as an insult because, in over 10 years of my work as a web developer, I've never missed a single deadline. Seriously, it's just a matter of principle for me. I offer my clients a legal contract that documents our business relationship, and the work we agreed upon will be done in time.

What projects I've created?

In my public portfolio, you can find only the projects that I've created by myself from scratch, no partial involvement projects. There are examples of both my own projects and client work. This way, you can get a pretty clear picture of what I'm capable of and what's my UI design style.

Full Pockets web application (SaaS)

Single-page application (SPA) design and development. A subscription-based online system for managing purchases and personal expenses. It offers functionality for detailed purchase history management and analytics.

Website for a career consultant Polina Usova

Website design and development for a career consultant and psychologist Polina Usova. It's built with a custom block-based page constructor and runs a self-hosted, custom CMS/CRM system to manage both website content and online sales, steadily growing into an online teaching platform.

Online store and custom CRM for HH Wear clothing brand

Creation of an online store with a custom CRM to manage both retail and wholesale orders for Moscow-based streetwear clothing brand HH Wear. The system helps to automate most of the routine tasks of store management and offers a user-friendly website design, making purchasing experience a breeze, regardless of the device it's being used with.

Website of a concrete ventilation blocks manufacturer IPS-SNAB

Design and development of a website for a concrete ventilation blocks manufacturer IPS-SNAB based in Saint Petersburg (Russia). This project also included tasks in automating the client inquiry processing and integration of a 3rd-party IP telephony module.

Landing page website for Glowepil hair removal studio

Website design and development for a laser hair removal studio Glowepil based in Saint Petersburg (Russia). An efficient lead funnel with a mobile-friendly UI, social proof, and an integrated 3rd-party IP telephony module for client appointment booking.