Full Pockets Purchase Management App (SaaS)

Full Pockets
Project type
Web app for detailed management and tracking of purchases and expenses
Technologies used
Laravel, Vue.js, Inertia.js, Tailwind CSS, NGINX

Project description

This is my own side project that grew from a personal finance management tool into a small SaaS web app with a detailed purchase management functionality.

Full Pockets is different from the other apps of its kind in that it offers granular control over the user's purchase history, a useful statistics system, and the ability to monitor the price dynamics of the purchased products and services over a period of time.

A practical app for everyday usage

Originally, I developed a prototype of this application for personal use, and I actively used it for about 4 months. That experience allowed me to see the app's strong points and the things I should put more work into. It also allowed me to find the middle ground between too much focus on the UI design and obsessing over the non-essential functionality.

This app doesn't force users to follow its rules, it's more of a set of tools that lets users manage their budgets, purchases, and expenses the way they see fit. One group of users wants only the superficial tracking of their purchases. The others want to know exactly what they purchased and when, and how its price changed over time. Full Pockets provides the tools for both sides to do as they please.

Useful and minimalistic charts and stats

Many apps of this kind are cluttered with good-looking yet pretty useless charts that are more of a decoration than an informative tool. I didn't need to impress the cool kids on the block and needed to only achieve the practical goals, so I kept only the essential charts and stats in the UI.

From the technical standpoint, this app is an SPA built with Vue and Inertia.js on top of a Laravel backend, wrapped in a minimalistic and performant responsive design.

You can see Full Pockets in action

I've recorded a complete screencast demonstrating the app in action, from a user's point of view. It's recorded in my native Russian language, but I've added custom ENG captions, so you'll be able to fully understand what I'm talking about and showing in the video.