Langing page for a laser hair removal studio called Glowepil

Project type
Landing page website with custom CMS and IP telephony integration
Technologies used
Laravel, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript, NGINX

Project description

Glowepil is a laser hair removal studio based in Saint Petersburg, and I designed and developed a landing page website for them, so they can advertise online and efficiently attract new customers.

I like to keep a minimalist approach to design and keep things straight to the point. Glowepil's website follows the same principles and has all the necessary information about the salon, its services, location, and the testimonials of its real clients as a social proof.

Compact and efficient solution

For content management, I used a small block-based CMS that I've developed as a Vue.js SPA on top of a Laravel backend.

As for the public website, I used a bit of JS and Tailwind CSS along with Purge CSS to keep things reasonably interactive and minimize the frontend bundle load times. The website is mobile-friendly and uses responsive design. And the customers can book an appointment via an integrated IP telephony widget.