Landing page for an accounting team called

Project type
Static landing page website with an interactive services cost calculator
Technologies used
Laravel, Vue.js, Alpine.js, Tailwind CSS, NGINX

Anjolie LLC (RU)

Project description

For this project, I've made a single-page marketing website with responsive design. Its main purpose is to pull the AD traffic and convert it via direct phone calls. It's a small yet highly experienced team that provides a variety of accounting services to the businesses of small to corporate scale. For them, it's best to talk to the potential clients and explain in detail how they can solve their particular issues.

Transparency in services and pricing

The majority of competitors use quite a shady pricing model where they attract the audience with the low price tag, and then, all of a sudden, there's a cost almost to every sentence the client could get out of them. It makes working with them a paralyzing experience, and the quality of services often doesn't live up to its cost.

The team of (the name translates to "Less Taxes") approaches client work differently. They offer services in modular packages that the clients can configure to their needs, and they would always know how much they pay and for what exactly. That model allows the businesses of various scale to get exactly the services they need, at a reasonable price.

To reflect that, I created a custom service cost calculator based on Vue.js and added it to the website. There, every potential client can configure the service package they need exactly and see how much it would cost them.