Company website for a concrete ventilation blocks manufacturer IPS-SNAB

IPS-SNAB Ventilation Blocks
Project type
Static company website with client inquiries automation
Technologies used
Laravel, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript (ES6 vanilla), NGINX


Project description

I created the company website for a concrete construction block manufacturer based in Saint Petersburg (Russia). It's a website that features all the key information about the company for its potential clients and new business partners, and its responsive design allows it to work equally great on desktop and mobile devices.

Made for the people with busy schedules

The target audience of this project consists mainly of the construction companies' executives and managers of the supply lines and logistics. They are busy people with tight schedules, working with a lot of cognitive load daily. That's why the website UI should be minimal and straight to the point.

I made the navigation and content presentation simple, clean, and highly readable, so it could be reached with as few actions as possible. No unnecessary clicking and thinking where to find the information you need. Tell the audience who you are, what you can provide, and how to contact you. No need to waste time.

The client uses IP telephony for call management, so we integrated a 3rd-party widget for that, making it easier for people to contact the sales department or book a call automatically. It's a transparent company that focuses on quality of both products and the services, and its website is all about that, too.